7 tips you should take seriously before head to Brazil

7 tips you should take seriously before head to Brazil

Ávany França

6 anos atrás

Seguro Viagem

Sabia que é obrigatório ter um seguro viagem para ir pra Europa?

Looking for spectacular natural wonders, stunning beaches, breathtaking scenarios and some futuristic cities? Brazil is a dream holiday destination for you.

However, this beautiful country, located in the Southern corner of America, full of excitement and smiling people, indeed offers a whole range of conditions, including some issues that you should pay serious attention to.

So, being aware and taking some basic precautions is the #1 tip before you land in the country that reserves you icons such as Christ the Redeemer and the colourful festival ofd Carnival.


© Rodrigolab | Dreamstime

As a “gringo” (a person not from Brasil) you’ll probably get some attention when travelling around Brazil, especially in crowded cities like São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro. However, you do not have to panic about it.

Like any country with huge differences between rich and poor, Brazil presents great issues related to security and safety. For that reason, in order to make your holidays a memorable experience free of trouble or stress we present you our “top 10 must do/avoid” for you to have an amazing break around our country.

Are you ready, folks?

1. Make some Brazilian friends before you get there

Baiana em Salvador, Bahia. © Rodrigolab | Dreamstime

Baiana em Salvador, Bahia. Foto: © Rodrigolab | Dreamstime

We all know Brazilians are one of the most positive, friendly and easy going nationals in the world. So, it will not be difficult to make some friends through social media and travelling groups. They are truly open and helpful souls and they are more than happy to show you around, also practicing their language skills.

2. Do not draw attention to yourself

Well, if you are an Irish person travelling around Brazil, such as our blogger Jess, it is almost impossible for you not to draw attention to yourself. However, even though you cannot pretend you are not a gringo, if you avoid exposing expensive accessories it will minimize pickpocketing around you. Branded watches, jewellery and latest generation smartphones should be kept discreet – doesn’t matter if you’re a gringo or a local.

3. Look after yourself

Can you imagine a holiday without a camera? Of course not! And sure you will be able to register your best memories in Brazil. Although, this can be an important matter over there: cameras and mobile phones are a big target for robbers. So, make sure you keep them from unnecessary exposure.

© Antonio Guillem | Dreamstime

© Antonio Guillem | Dreamstime

4. Staying in a local’s houses

It is a fact! Airbnb has become a great opportunity to explore places through a local’s perspective and it’s very popular in Brazil. But, before go and book your room, you should consider a few points. Choose profiles with the mostly positive reviews. And also very important, look for hosts that, just like you, have travelled worldwide.

5. Keep your R$ “glued” to your body

© Ansis Dreamstime

© Ansis | Dreamstime

I am not talking about really taping Brazilian money to your body, of course, but keep to it inside strategic pockets or in a money belt with you. Avoid carrying too much money with you for your daily needs (food/tours/transport). Money in back pockets should also be avoided. Be smart and carry your money in different pockets around your body.

6. Banking matters

ATMs should always be used inside banks. In Brazil, bank scams are common and to avoid becoming a victim, choose cash machines rather than outdoor “alternative options”.

7. Be calm, be Safe and let’s samba, baby

And finally, the most important tip of this Dos and Don’ts when travelling around Brazil is Do not panic! Take it easy, just be alert and enjoy what this vibrant country has to offer: garanteed fun! Also, do not leave our country without trying some Samba steps!

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Seguro Viagem

Sabia que é obrigatório ter um seguro viagem para ir pra Europa?

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